Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Photo by Andy Grieve
I will start 2012 with an apology - I have been badly neglecting my blogging duties.
I have been busy, I promise, and you know how Christmas takes over everything (especially for me aka Mrs.Christmas as my friends call me!) from about November.

So now I don't know where to start... or end for that matter!

I want to tell you about the tours, appearences, goodies I've gathered but it will take so much time and I don't want to bore you so instead I'll give you the rest of the 2011 in pictures and the odd video ending with us headlining and curating New Year's Eve at the almighty Royal Festival Hall - what a way to end the year/ start the new one!

Was the month of my favourite show to date - KOKO
Here's two videos by Fashot TV of the leadup to the gig:

The first half I wore a dress made specially for the event by Sam Cook aka Darkest Star which is so unique. I adore it and am incredibly grateful and honoured for all Sam's hard work.

Photo by A R Harvey
The second dress was fresh from Inbar Spector's latest collection -lucky me!!

Photo by Gem Hall

We had a BIG band that night! Photo by Saul

It was PACKED and the audience blew me away! Photo by Gem Hall

We were joined by dancers, aerialists, brass band, Songlines Choir and Carnival Collective samba band. Photo by Gem Hall
For one day only little ole me was a real model...
I did a wonderful fashion shoot for the lovely Kundalini Arts who design stunning scarves that I am a big fan of. The photographer was a real pro and I loved working with her and what she got out of me. Emma Crosby styled the shoot and Jeni Dodson did the hair and makeup- what a great team. I had a lovely day and am so happy with the shots- more coming soon!


To get an idea of what might be coming up here are some behind the scenes pics -

Wig by Annabelles Wigs

Next up was a big show at Royal Festival Hall supporting the mad Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra. I am in a gorgeous dress by Alice Palmer and hair accessories by Now Voyager:

Photos by Gem Hall

Then we went on tour to Holland and Germany... (All photos by the lovely Gem Hall)

GRONINGEN. 'Ruff' by Jane Elliot , Ring as hair accessory by Sweet Trash
UTRECHT. Dress by Beyond Retro, Hair accessories by Now, Voyager!
ROTTERDAM. Dress by Beyond Retro, Wig by Annabelles Wigs, Feathered Headband by Her Curious Nature
RADIO SESSION. Ridiculous sillyness in Annabelles Wigs and my Elizabeth Lau pom pom dress.
AMSTERDAM. Dress - Beyond Retro
Hanging out in MUNICH. Coat & Turban - EBAY
Band picture. EINDHOVEN. I'm in a Kundalini Arts silk scarf and Bolongaro Trevor Jacket
This was a busy month and I didn't have time to take many pictures but we started the month releasing a Christmas single:

Then it was CHRIIIISSSSSTMAAAAS! I had a lovely family one - lots of food, games, good company, movies and lovely presents!!
My dad blew us away by getting all his daughters a very special first edition book by A.A.Milne (it's been an hard year for him as he had a major health scare and operation but he has come out the other end in amazing form and better than he has been in decades so it was emotional Christmas for him). Mum did an incredible portrait of Hobbes for Stephen and I which she got framed beautifully too.

Judy Young is available for commissions by the way.... ;)

Everyone was very generous this year and Stephen really spoilt me with a sewing machine, wooden stamps, a beautiful silk collar (that I wore on NYE), jewellery and the whole Harry Potter DVD Collection! YES!

Then to top off a brilliant, busy year we finished 2011 at the Royal Festival Hall surrounded by family and friends. The perfect end to a pretty perfect year.

Me and the family watching the fireworks from RFH! I'm wearing the silk collar I got for Christmas and Annabelles Wigs.
My brother and I. I'm 'in disguise' in a dress from Vintage Secret and another of Annabelles Wigs.
PS. The theme was Hollywood Glamour!

I might add some pictures of our gigs that night when they come through so check back in a few days too!

So... 2012... it will be another busy year and a lot of change for me - new team, new album coming, new songs to perform, new designers to wear and support and hopefully lots of lovely new people to meet along the way.

I hope you all had a lovely holidays and are ready and excited for the new year.
Oodles of love and fireworks,


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